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Default New Pick 15th Edition note values

On Jun 19, 10:44*pm, currencyden wrote:
Thought some might be interested. *I took the Pick 14th Edition values
from 1316 world notes I have in stock & compared them with the new
15th Edition - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues.

Results - total stock prices up only 1.00%. *Of course some notes went
down to offset others gains. *MANY (most?) countries had no price
changes, i.e. the paper money contributer(s) for this country had no
new imput.

Countries showing gains on nearly all notes:
Bahamas, Caymen Isalnds, Ghana, Kuwait, Macao, Nicaragua, Oman,
Portugal, Qatar, Romania, and St. Helena,

I can attest to the strength of the middle east countries - Kuwait,
Oman, and Qatar. *All my recent auction sales of these countries has
been quite strong. *On the opposite side, only the Nicaragua notes I
haven't seen much change in demand.

Thanks for the info. I haven't seen the new edition yet, but reports
from the field indicate it's yet another typical Krause rehash with
minimal changes. Pricing is definitely difficult to do, so I don't
expect more than a general range, but I'm interested to know if they
have managed/bothered to include info on many new issues. Last year
there were tons of new notes missing from the catalog, and only a
handful that included images.