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Default New Pick 15th Edition note values

Thought some might be interested. I took the Pick 14th Edition values
from 1316 world notes I have in stock & compared them with the new
15th Edition - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues.

Results - total stock prices up only 1.00%. Of course some notes went
down to offset others gains. MANY (most?) countries had no price
changes, i.e. the paper money contributer(s) for this country had no
new imput.

Countries showing gains on nearly all notes:
Bahamas, Caymen Isalnds, Ghana, Kuwait, Macao, Nicaragua, Oman,
Portugal, Qatar, Romania, and St. Helena,

I can attest to the strength of the middle east countries - Kuwait,
Oman, and Qatar. All my recent auction sales of these countries has
been quite strong. On the opposite side, only the Nicaragua notes I
haven't seen much change in demand.