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Default Detective Book Club oddity

On May 29, 1:37 pm, "John R. Yamamoto-Wilson"

So Walter Black were reprinting Zane Grey stuff in the 1960s and several
of these reprints (according to
were limited "leatherette" editions. It's not unreasonable to suppose
that they were reprinting other material from decades earlier and that
some of that, too, came out in limited editions with a leather binding.

The Detective Book Club, as far as I can see, was never a reprint
series (unlike Black's Readers Service or Classics Club). The three
books that appeared in each month's volume (if they were monthly; I
don't even know) were always "current" mysteries, recently published.
None of them that I have bears an actual publication date, just the
copyrights for the individual novels.

Yes, the limited edition could have been done at any time, but the
existence of ordinary members' copies makes me believe they were
issued close together. I can't imagine them doing an ordinary member
edition in (say) 1970, and then a limited edition in (say) 1985. And
what possessed them to reprint these three novels at that time? And
while I'm asking rhetorical questions, how limited were the Zane Grey
"limited" editions? (Were they numbered? I can't locate one on
Bookfinder to check...)

But yes, it's all supposition, since--unlike the Zane Grey page--there
seems to be no site or documentation on the Detective Book Club.