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Default My Rockola turntable motor is starting to fail?

On 2018/02/04 12:49 PM, Felix Cartwright wrote:
Hello all. I have a Rockola 424 from 1964 and my turntable motor sometimes stops and will go a little slow. When it stops I can hand turn the tumbler and it will start back up again. I put new grommets in. I tried to remove the motor from the mechanism but the space is too tight. Can I, or should I, oil the motor without taking it apart? And what areas would I oil? I probably need a new motor but as I said I can't get mine out! Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Felix

A drop of motor oil (20W non-detergent - for example 3-in-1 BLUE can
(not regular) oil) and the bottom of the spindle shaft where it comes
out of the bearing is good. If you see that there is a fabric wick
around the bearing then add a few drops (don't soak so it drips). Then
see if there is a thin brass tube beside the motor with a widened
opening, this is the oil tube for the bottom motor bearing. Perhaps ten
drops or so - if too much simply put a rag under to catch the drips.

Take great care to not get any oil on the spindle shaft itself where is
gets close to the idler wheel otherwise it will just oil the idler wheel
and nothing will move until you clean it off.

John :-#)#

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