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Default Token dealer Steve Tanenbaum killed by NY stabbing suspect

The Civil War Token Society has been in the process of updating the
Storecard book for many years, and should finally be published within
a year. The reason it has taken so long is because Steve was the
primary source of information, which he kept as notes in his old
Storecard book, which was stolen a number of years ago, which set the
CWTS back many years. He was a source of much information on other
tokens as well, such as Good For tokens. His inventory of just about
any kind of token was enormous as well. When nobody else had a
particular token, you were just about guaranteed that Steve would have
one, and if he didn't have one, he had either sold one, or would find
it for you. He was in a business relationship with Steve Hayden, and
collectively, they were known as 'the Steves'.

I have known Steve for about 20 years, and will certainly miss him.