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Default Modern Postal History

Listing a few items on eBay... Some very unusual and unique!

1) Express Mail envelope also sent from New York to Jordan, with three
$18.30 Bixby Creek Bridge stamps (Scott 4439), with a total of $54.90 of
postage on that envelope:

2) Entire medium flat rate priority box with a $18.30 Bixby Creek Bridge
stamp (Scott 4439) as well as a “Holiday Evergreens” forever stamp pane that
has a die-cutting omission error (Scott 4481d), making the entire pane of
stamps imperforated. This is the only known such piece used properly like
that. The box was sent from New York to Jordan.

3) APO Cover:

4) Lot of 9 RTS (“Return to Sender”) Covers:

5) Cover Censored by DOS (“Department of State”):

6) Pair of Damaged Covers in “USPS Body Bags”:

7) 70 Covers, UK to US:

8) 30 Covers, Jordan to US:

9) 12 Covers, Australia to US:

Planning to list a bunch more if these attract some interest.

If you have any questions let me know! Similarly, very interested in any
feedback regarding where I can attract more interest for these and similar