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On Sun, 7 Dec 2003 13:17:19 -0600, "A.E. Gelat"

The original question was about Kosovo,which is NOT Bosnia. What is the
currency in use in Kosovo?


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In Serbia it is the new Yugoslav Dinar (65 per $US)(YUM);

In Montenegro the Euro is legal tender;

In Bosnia-Herzegovina it is the convertible mark (km)
which is backed by and convertible to Euros.

In Kosovo both the Euro and the new Yugoslav dinar are legal (2002).
The Euro is primarily used and some Serb villages use the Dinar,
which is convertible to Euros. Banking and the Administration's
books are all in Euros.

As to Kosovo stamps:

FDC and set (DM stamps)[Scott 1-5] issued 2000 MAR 14

First Day International Mail (DM stamps)

Field (military) post offices operate in Kosovo for the use of members
of the military forces comprising the administration. These post
offices utilize the stamps of the sending states.

AUSTRIAN Feldpost cover used in KOSOVO

GERMAN Feldpost (Helicopter 931) in KOSOVO

GERMAN Feldpost (Prizren 751) in KOSOVO

A number of post offices in Serbian populated areas allegedly
continued to use Yugoslavia stamps (as of Oct 2001).

2001 NOV 12 Dual Currency

0.2 DM-Euro 0.10 Bird Scott 6
0.3 DM-Euro 0.15 Street Musician Scott 7
0.5 DM-Euro 0.26 Butterfly + Pear Scott 8
1.0 DM-Euro 0.51 Children + Stars Scott 9
2.0 DM-Euro 1.02 Globe + Handprints Scott 10

2002 MAY 02 Euro Currency (Design as dual currency)

Euro 0.10 Bird Scott 11
Euro 0.15 Street Musician Scott 12
Euro 0.26 Butterfly + Pear Scott 13
Euro 0.51 Children + Stars Scott 14
Euro 1.02 Globe + Handprints Scott 15


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from PRAVDA - 13:30 2001-SEPT-01


On January 2, 2002 the Euro will become an official monetary unit in
Kosovo. Official representatives of the European Union say, this step
will promote Kosovo's integration into Europe.

For Yugoslavia it means an almost final loss of its territory. The
Yugoslavian Dinar was practically substituted by the German Mark after
peacekeepers of KFOR have entered the territory of the country.

At the moment, the official Yugoslavian currency is being used only in
some Serbian communities, which have remained whole after Albanian
extremists activities, while for Albanians the German Mark is the only
currency used for the past two years.

Since the German Mark stops to exist in January of 2002, the Europeans
have decided to change it (in Kosovo) for the Euro as well as in the
whole of Europe. Already, 30 thousand booklets have been printed
telling in detail about Kosovo's conversion to the all-European
currency. Though there are any reasons to hope this conversion will be
easy. According to the observers, it is completely impossible to avoid
great currency machinations in Kosovo, where the law's influence is
limited to KFOR garrisons - fences.

While declaring that Kosovo still to belongs to Yugoslavia, the
European Union practically confirms Kosovo's independence, with this
step. It looks like that the next step of the European Union will be
official recognizing Kosovo as a part of "Greater Albania", while 50
years ago the Serb population was made the ethnic majority here, on
this territory Serbia had been conceived and the decisive victory at
Kosovo battlefield had been won.

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BBC - Thursday, 3 January, 2002, 15:49 GMT
Montenegro's euro challenge By Paul Anderson

It is not just the 12 nations of Euroland who are getting used to
their new currency.

The parts of the Balkans where the deutschmark has been used as the
official currency, Kosovo and Montenegro, have also entered a new era.

In Montenegro, plans have been advanced for some time for a transfer
to the euro, which many see as a ticket to integration in Europe, even
membership of the European Union.

The euro switchover operation in Montenegro is - like the country
itself - tiny, but it has still demanded meticulous planning.

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