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LN in DC
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You're welcome - any idea, however on what currency Bosnia is now
using? They've not issued stamps in Euros, as far as I know, and
every reference place I look, I still see the nonexistent German mark
is legal tender there (spelled in local parlance, however). Where are
they getting new banknotes?


On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 17:21:13 -0800, Eric Bustad

Thanks Len!

LN in DC wrote:
On Nov 12, 2001, there was a new set of 5 dual denominated DM & Euro.
In 2002, there was a third set in Euros only.

Len Nadybal

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 14:38:01 -0800, Eric Bustad

Can anyone here tell me if any stamps have been issued for Kosovo since
the UNMIK set of 5 in 2000? These were denominated in DM, but Kosovo
seems to use the euro now.

= Eric